Operational, Project and Specialist Management Services

Our team have extensive experience in project, operational, and people management. Our expertise is based on many years, resolving countless diverse ‘real world’ challenges, within numerous organisations (large & small), across a multitude of business sectors.

If you ever find yourself in a position where you need:

  • Fresh eyes on a challenging area or work function
  • The leadership of a division
  • Technical management to oversee a complex deployment
  • Digital management to design and develop an app
  • Lead a pitch or deliver a solution to your client
  • Design, develop and deliver training.

Or something similar, then it would be great to talk to us.

No matter how small, unique, or niche your requirement is, get in touch, we believe we can help you.


We deliberately do not have a pre-defined fee structure.  Our clients and their requirements are so diverse that we invariably agree a bespoke fee structure, at the point of engagement.  Our fees are affordable, based on measurable outcomes and efficient & effective delivery.

At a high level, previous fee models have included fixed fee (based on clearly defined success criteria), fixed hourly rate (capped at £50 per hour), studio rate (based on the blend of skills required), equity (based on risk and initially low capital availability) and pro bono.


It is so nice to receive great feedback. It is the foundation of Relyable People and confirms why so much of our work over the last 15 years has been by recommendation. Engage us and see for yourself.